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About Respiflex Healthcare

Respiflex Healthcare is a small family business, founded in June 2005. Our goals are:

 1. The development, production en distribution of medical aids.

 2. Respiflex Healthcare partners up with its suppliers. Both in the Middle East and in Asia we work together with manufacturers who are affiliated with the BSCI, which focuses on solid and reliable work environments. Our Hongkong office oversees the import from Asia, helps with product sourcing and ensures quality control.

 3. Respiflex values sustainable growth and promotes consciousness through working with recycled and eco-friendly materials.

 4. Our approach is patient-centered. We offer high quality and innovative products at fair prices. We produce valuable aids which are accessible to all patients. All our products are OEKOTEX certified.

 5. We take pride in offering excellent client care in a professional manner. Whether you are an importer, hospital or clinic, distributor, therapist or patient, we guarantee accurate deliveries in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.  

Meet the team behind Respiflex Healthcare:

Laurence Deylgat Laurence Deylgat (administrator)
Lise-Marie Deylgat Lise-Marie Deylgat (product manager)